Enquanto aguardam pelo lançamento do álbum debut da The Gard, soltamos mais uma prévia para vocês apreciarem.
“Play of Gods” é uma faixa totalmente inspirada nos clássicos dos anos ’70.

Quem gosta de Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple e Black Sabbath, vai se identificar.


Confira a arte, prévia e a letra da faixa:
  1. Play of Gods The Gard 1:11

Play of Gods

There was a game the gods used to play
Which is still a tradition nowadays
Are you ready for some fun?

First, to be a god must be your will
The ambition of power you’ve got to feel
Have you prepared your guns?

Over the years, the game caused aftermaths
It’s been leading the mankind to bad paths
Are you also on the run?

Let’s kneel and say a prayer on the lawn
For the gods are moving their pawn
Will we see again the sun?

It’s the play of gods
It’s the play of gods

Of the game the mankind is now slave
All this time we’ve been digging our grave
Is that what you want, son?

It’s time to make a new start
This time we shall listen to our heart
Let’s end what we’ve begun?

It’s the play of gods
It’s the play of gods